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Polynomial Regression Online Interface

This interface is designed to allow the graphing and retrieving of the coefficients for polynomial regression. This includes the mean average and linear regression which are both types of polynomial regression. Higher-order polynomials are possible (such as quadratic regression, cubic regression, ext.) making this tool useful for a range of analysis.

The data to analyze is placed in the text area above. It must be formatted so the first column is the x-values, and the second column the y-values. Columns may be separated by any character such as a comma. This character used for separation has to be specified. The same is true for the row separators. Generally a comma, space, or tab is used to separate columns and a linefeed to separate rows. Copying data from common spreadsheet software uses a tab to separate columns, and a linefeed to separate rows.

The regression analysis has several results that can be displayed. The equation displays the function that will produce the regression line. The coefficient check box will enable the individual coefficients to be printed from lowest order to highest. This is useful for copying the coefficients. A graph of the data and the regression line can also be made. This allows visual inspection of the data and the fit of the regression function. Lastly the R2 value can be displayed. This is a value that ranges between 0 (the worst fit) to 1 (a perfect fit) and used to determine the goodness of fit. The time needed to run the regression analysis is always displayed and reflects how long the server spent calculating the data.

Examples are provided to demonstrate various regression plots, and how the data is entered. To show the example, check the "Show examples" check box, and then select an example to display. After an example has been selected, the data for the example will be loaded into the form. Submitting this data will run the regression analysis and display the results. Each example displays the starting function so the fit can be compared.

Because this is a server-side script, the amount of data that can be entered is limited to 10000 points. The maximum number of coefficients to use in the regression analysis is limited to 25. Lastly, the precision of the data is limited to 20 decimal places. Should you require more data or coefficients, feel free to download the PHP library and run this program on your own computer.

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One of the goals of this page was not only to provide a tool for calculating polynomial regression, but examples of how such techniques are used in real-world scenarios, and some of the mathematical phenomena exhibited.

Here are some articles on the mathematics of polynomial regression:

This site has been used by people from primary school through distinguished universities. My hope is to provide something that can be useful to each level of user. I do not expect that high school students will be able to follow partial differentiation and the linear algebra necessary for the equations behind the regression technique. However, a pre-calculus student might be able to visually understand the concept of minimizing a quadratic function. For university level students I hope the explanations are detailed enough to give a comprehensive picture of how and why the algorithms work.

These goals require feedback. Suggestions, additions, clarifications, corrections, and criticisms are all welcome. Language is not my strong point, and while I have tried to convey ideas in the most clear manner I don't always succeed. And while I am better at math I am far from above mistakes. So proof reading and peer review would be nice.



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This page is designed and maintained by Andrew Que. To get in touch with Andrew Que, visit his contact page. It uses the Polynomial Regression class to preform the regression calculations and X/Y Plot to graph the results.